Hope Realized for Individuals and Families Since 1978

To help our clients experience lives of quality, TSA brings to the community mental health expertise and evidence based practices in a spirit of innovation and excellence.

Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc provides meaningful and effective mental health services to support individuals health and family well-being. We have been providing services since 1978 and continue to be experienced and well trained professionals who deliver excellent services, care about clients, appreciate collaborative relationships with colleagues and strive to help our communities in Minnesota by helping children, youth, individuals, couples, and families heal, grow, develop and thrive.

Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc is committed to:

  •  Providing excellent quality services and care
  •  Best practices in treatment
  •  Safe, healthy, comfortable environments for our clients' service experience
  •  Services provided by caring and respectful professional staff
  •  Dependable service and exceptional service experience from referral to treatment, ending with positive outcomes