Appointments, Referrals & Intake Forms

Making an Appointment or Referral

We have amazing referral staff who are ready to take your call and assist with getting services started and scheduling an appointment. Please call them at the extension listed below:

(320) 629-7600 Ext. 7606

If you are making a referral for a Foster Care Based Treatment Program, please contact:

                                        Wendy Rude Pangerl, Licensing Social Worker at 320-629-7816

Referral staff may have you complete a referral form which can be found below. Please fax completed forms to 651-925-0071.

If you are interested in making a referral for a program or service that is not listed above, we encourage you to call our referral team. 

Intake Forms

Foster Care Based Treatment Programs

After making a referral and being accepted into one of our Foster Care Based Treatment Programs (Child and Adolescent Treatment Programs, Teen Mom & Child, Full Family Care), you will be asked to complete the following forms:

Outpatient Services and In-Home Family Based Services

Below are links to common intake forms we ask clients to complete prior to the start of services. If you are able to, please print off and complete the forms relevant to your situation. If you do not have access to a printer, please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to your first appointment and our administrative staff will be happy to provide you with the appropriate forms. 

At this time, only intake forms for our Foster Care Based Treatment Programs, Outpatient services and In-Home Family Based Services are accessible online. Forms for other TSA programs and services will be discussed and available to you at your first appointment.