Foster Parenting

Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Rule IV Child Placing Agency. As a Rule IV Child Placing Agency, TSA is licensed to monitor and supervise foster families in Minnesota. TSA follows state statutes and requirements in the licensing process.

The Child Treatment Program and the Adolescent Treatment Program are foster care based comprehensive treatment programs for children and youth. TSA provides individual, group and family therapy and skills training services based on the needs of the youth and family. Youth in care primarily attend public school in the school district of their foster family and are encouraged to participate in community activities, employment and other extra-curricular activities. The goals of treatment are outlined at the start of placement and assessment, coordination with referring sources and may include: to reunite youth with his/her family, help develop a family through adoption, help prepare for independent living, focus on the wellness of the child and family's mental health needs to assist with reunification success.

TSA has been helping youth and families since 1978 providing unique programming to meet the individual needs of those referred for services. Foster families play an important role in caring for and helping youth and families in need. Recently, TSA has partnered with other Minnesota agencies on further improving care for children and youth in out of home placement – it is called the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI). QPI is based on five core principles:

  1. Excellent parenting is the most important service we can provide to children and youth in care. Children need families, not beds.
  2. Child development and trauma research indicates that children need constant, consistent, effective parenting to grow and reach their full potential.
  3. Each community must define excellent parenting for itself.
  4. Policy and practice must be changed to align with that definition.
  5. Participants in the system are in the best position to recommend and implement that change.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, contact Wendy Rude Pangerl at (320) 629-7816 or