Adolescent Treatment Foster Care Program

Program Description: The Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP) is a foster care based, comprehensive treatment program that combines the normalization of family living with the benefits of coordinated therapeutic treatment services.  Foster parents are ready to nurture, provide guidance and limits, offer tenderness and care to meet the needs of each special, unique child.  The youth's Treatment Team**, consisting of foster parents, Mental Health Professionals and the Case Manager, meet to attend to specialized treatment and care plans for each client.   The Treatment Team** model is the heartbeat of the program in the delivery of services to children, youth and their families.  Quality foster care, meaningful therapeutic services, coordinated efforts, and partnerships with families produce positive outcomes for children.  Our program attends to the unique needs of clients with a multitude of issues. We are experienced in working with youths and their families with a myriad of mental health and chemical health challenges, family issues, and childhood trauma experiences.  We encourage and invite family involvement in the treatment experience!

Location: Our foster homes are located throughout the East Central Minnesota areas with services based out of Pine City. 

Ages: 13 to 18 years old (Children birth through 12 are referred to the Child Treatment Program) 

Typical Frequency of Services: 

  • ATP services provided are based on Diagnostic Assessment recommendations
  • Client's length of placement and participation in the ATP is based on individual needs and case plan 

Program Components: 

  • Family home setting (foster care) and community living
  • Professional assessment and treatment services, provided by experienced mental health professionals and practitioners, such as:
    • Diagnostic Assessment
    • Risk Assessment
    • Treatment Planning and Development
    • Individual, Group* and/or family psychotherapy
    • Individual, Group* and/or family skills training
    • Sibling group/family psychotherapy
    • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Trained Therapists 
    • Staff trained in Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) approaches to foster parenting 
    • Family Systems Theoretical approaches to family therapy services
  • Treatment Team Model**
  • Case management support services
  • Coordinated medical, psychiatric, and school support services
  • Specific therapeutic behavioral interventions 
  • Healthy age-appropriate opportunities typical of adolescence
  • Therapeutic Milieu Experience/Leisure and Recreation opportunities***
  • Therapeutic summer programming
  • Employment support
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Permanency pact focused service
  • 24 hour on-call mental health crisis response and support services  

Additional Information: 

TSA is committed to providing coordinated and collaborative care for all youth in the Adolescent Treatment Program, while incorporating the youth's county case plan, individualized treatment plan.  We recognize the importance of family, school and peer group success, safety in daily living, and healthy development.  We welcome opportunities to work with families and approach our work with parents in partnership to help their child and their family grow in family health and individual well being. We strive to support parents in growing in their effective and rewarding parenting experiences.

*Group Therapy/Skills Training - Youth will learn, practice and apply essential social, coping, and friendship skills that will be reinforced throughout their ATP experience at TSA, and are based on age/gender/cultural and specific youth need.  

Treatment Focus include, and are not limited to:  

  • Self Awareness                                                 
  • Self-Esteem
  • Reducing Stress
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Coping Skills
  • Relationship Development
  • Pro-social Behaviors
  • Healthy Emotional Regulation

**Treatment Team Model - Care and services are facilitated by each youth's Treatment Team which includes foster parents, mental health professionals, and practitioners providing individualized services and their TSA Case Manager.  The Treatment Team meets weekly to coordinate treatment progress.  Parents and referring workers, Guardian Ad Litems and other significant persons in the youth's life are included in the case planning, treatment focus, and progress review by participating in intakes, Treatment Plan development, progress review and discharge planning.  

***Therapeutic Milieu - The Milieu experience is a supervised and structures day activity that is designed to meet client need and provide opportunity to develop skills.  Some of the specific Milieu Experience opportunities include:

  • Arts and crafts projects, woodworking, gardening, photography, reading, puzzles, cooking (age appropriate), creating, imagining
  • Leisure time experiences including basketball, swimming, volleyball, games, hiking, and more
  • Journaling and other guided reflective experiences 

Family Involvement - Families are invited and encouraged to participate in family therapy and/or skills training services weekly. Home visits are an important part of the youth and family’s treatment experience. We enjoy positive relationships with parents/families and respect teens having family connections, relationships and time together. Families are generally encouraged to call their teen, visit, and work closely with the Treatment Team. 

TSA supports family reunification when possible and permanency for each youth. 

For more information or to make a referral:

  • Contact Wendy Rude Pangerl, Licensing Social Worker at 320-629-7816
  • Visit our Referral page