Mental Health Services in Schools

Description of Services: Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc (TSA) is a community provider who provides mental health services for children, teens and their families in their school environment. TSA Mental Health Therapists and Skills Workers partner with school staff to find the best time in a student’s day to schedule a mental health session and collaborate to determine best ways to support a student in the school environment. TSA provides two types of Mental Health Services in Schools; School-linked Behavioral Health Services (SLBH) and School Based Mental Health services. SLBH services are funded by insurance coverage and/or grant support which is funded by the MN Department of Human Services. TSA SLBH service providers are located in offices at the schools in Pine and Chisago counties. School Based Mental Health Services are routinely provided by TSA staff members at schools within the districts of Forest Lake, Wyoming, St. Paul and Anoka and are funded through insurance or private pay.   


  • School-linked Behavioral Health Grant - School districts of Chisago Lakes, North Branch, Rush City, Pine City, Hinckley/Finlayson, East Central and Willow River
  • School Based Mental Health Services - Schools in the districts of Forest Lake, Wyoming, St. Paul, Anoka and by request.

Ages: Students in pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, alternative schools and their families. 

Typical Frequency of Services: 1-2 sessions per week

Available Services: 

  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Psychotherapy
  • Skills Sessions 

Additional Information:

Why provide mental health services in schools?

  • Remove barriers so children and teens can access needed mental health services at their school.
  • Meet the child and teen in a familiar and natural setting - their school.
  • Reduce out of school time to travel to community mental health services and centers.
  • Increase the opportunities to coordinate services and supports with school staff.
  • Support children and teens mental wellness and success in school, home and community.

When are mental health services available in schools?

The referral process is quick and friendly.  TSA staff work with school staff and parents to gain the needed information so services can start within two weeks of the referral.  Services start with a Diagnostic Assessment with the child or teen and parents.  A treatment plan is then developed outlining the goals, objectives and interventions that will guide the therapeutic process.  Mental Health services are scheduled during the school day.  After-school hours are also available to include parents and family members when needed.

How do I arrange for mental health services in school?

Often a school staff suggests to a parent that their child may benefit from mental health services at school.  If the parent is interested in accessing mental health services for their child they may request that the school staff assist them in making a referral to TSA.  A parent can also contact TSA directly to start the process, independent of a school staff’s suggestion or referral.  

Who pays for mental health services in school?

Mental health services are medical services and are paid for through a family’s health plan; Medical Assistance, Pre-Paid Medical Assistance (PMAP), Private Insurance, private pay or financial hardship grant funds.  In Region 7E, Therapeutic Services Agency provides School-linked Behavioral Health Services funded through a Department of Human Services grant, when the cost of mental health services is a barrier due to: a family having no insurance, being under-insured, having a high deductible or unable to afford co-pays.

What are School-linked Mental Health Services?

TSA is the recipient of a Department of Human Services School-linked Behavioral Health grant to serve students in school districts in Region 7E.  This grant provides funding for mental health services when a child is uninsured and underinsured, and funding for TSA therapists to engage in activities that link them to the child’s school.  These school districts are:  Chisago Lakes, North Branch, Rush City, Pine City, Hinckley/Finlayson, East Central and Willow River.

For more information or to make a referral:

  • Call 320-629-7600 or 651-224-4114
  • Visit our Referral page