Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Service Description: Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health services are for infants, toddlers, and young children with impairing mental health symptoms and/or developmental needs.  These services allow for the assessment and treatment of infants and young children.  The assessment process includes a DC:0-5 Diagnostic Assessment.  Additional psychotherapeutic services may include Family Psychotherapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and/or in-home Family Skills services.

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Outpatient Services

Description of Services: TSA provides professional mental health services to individuals and families of all ages.  Our clinical staff come from the fields of psychology, clinical social work, and marriage and family therapy and are licensed professionals and/or have advanced graduate training in a mental health field. 

Services generally start with a comprehensive assessment to address presenting problems/concerns.  This helps to identify appropriate recommendations for service needs.  Psychotherapy is one of the services that is most commonly provided in our outpatient setting.  This refers to a range of treatments that can help with mental health problems, emotional challenges, and some psychiatric disorders.  Psychotherapy aims to assist individuals to better understand their feelings and to provide tools to help individuals cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way.  Psychotherapy services can assist people experiencing a wide range of mental health concerns.  Whether you and/or a family member are wanting help coping with individual or family concerns or assistance in enhancing your relationships with others, our professional therapists are committed to helping clients find meaningful, hope-filled lives.

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Community Based Skills Groups

Program Description: Community Based Skills groups are an opportunity for clients to learn and practice important emotional and behavioral coping, social, communication and daily living skills within the context of a group setting with peers of a similar age. Oftentimes, skills groups are an important addition to individual therapy and provide an opportunity for youth to practice skills that will help them cope with various mental health challenges they are facing and working through in therapy.   

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In-Home Family Based Services

*We are currently not accepting referrals for our In-Home Family Based Services Program*

Description of Services:  We believe the best way to provide services to a child is through strengthening and empowering the family as a unit.  This is the heartbeat of the philosophy of In-Home Family Based Services (FBS). FBS services are unique in that most often the treatment is offered in the client's homes. FBS services are designed to respond to each family's unique needs, therefore, the treatment approach is tailored to fit individual families. 

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Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind Services

Overview of Services:  TSA’s Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind Mental Health Program provides culturally affirmative mental health services to children (birth to 22 years), who are Deaf/hard of hearing or DeafBlind and their families; and who are experiencing difficulties due to emotional or behavioral disorder(s). These mental health services include: comprehensive diagnostic assessment, individual psychotherapy, family psychotherapy, family psychoeducation, and Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS), a flexible package of mental health services for children who require varying therapeutic and rehabilitative levels of intervention and combine psychotherapy (individual, family, group) with skills training (individual, family, group) and crisis assistance to help strengthen the emotional, behavioral, and social functioning of children and their families.

The therapists in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind program have a broad range of understanding about the physical and mental health challenges and needs of children who have mild to profound hearing losses.  They understand how these needs influence behavior, school performance, family life, and social relationships.  They are well versed in addressing communication needs and language barriers. Therapists in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind program are fluent in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English, and have an in depth understanding of Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community. This gives them a unique lens in which to look through to support their clients that other therapists do not have access to in the field of mental health.

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Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc provides Diagnostic Assessments, Psychological Evaluations and Specialized Assessments. Diagnostic assessments are required before a client can receive mental health services as they assist with determining therapeutic treatment needs and eligibility for specific services. Psychological Evaluations provide a more in-depth assessment of a client's emotional, behavioral & psychological presentation. The Specialized Assessments TSA provides focus on the needs of the children in the context of a family unit.  

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Supervised Visitations

Sometimes families experiencing internal strife or families involved with Child Protection Services need supervised visitation services. TSA provides this service specific to individual family need, as requested.  This service may be provided in a community setting (such as a public park), appropriate family home, TSA office or other agreed upon setting.  Safety is a must and all parties must agree to primary supervised visitation rules.  Supervised visitation services are focused on best meeting the child(ren)'s needs. The adults visiting the children need to cooperate with the professional providing the supervised visitation service with an emphasis on safety, age appropriate interactions with the child, child-centered activity and overall child well being in their experience of visitation. 

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Professional Training, Consultation and Supervision

Training Services

Therapeutic Services Agency's professional staff provide training sessions tailored to meet your group's training needs. We provide training to mental health service providers, foster parents, adoptive families, GAL's, County Social Workers, etc. We provide training on the following topics and may also develop additional training workshops in response to your requests.

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