Supervised Visitations

Sometimes families experiencing internal strife or families involved with Child Protection Services need supervised visitation services. TSA provides this service specific to individual family need, as requested.  This service may be provided in a community setting (such as a public park), appropriate family home, TSA office or other agreed upon setting.  Safety is a must and all parties must agree to primary supervised visitation rules.  Supervised visitation services are focused on best meeting the child(ren)'s needs. The adults visiting the children need to cooperate with the professional providing the supervised visitation service with an emphasis on safety, age appropriate interactions with the child, child-centered activity and overall child well being in their experience of visitation. 

Additionally, it may be most advantageous for parent coaching and skills training to occur during visitation times.  These services may be provided upon request at the point of referral.  TSA and its staff have extensive experience working with families and their children in times of crises, CPS involvement, and family stress.  We are skilled at providing skills training, parent coaching, psychotherapy services and will bring to the supervised visitation session skills and service delivery based on case needs and referring worker request. 

Reports summarizing the Supervised Visitation sessions will be provided in a timely fashion.

For more information or to make a referral:

  • Call 320-629-7600 or 651-224-4114
  • Visit our Referral page